Anxiety is a heightened sense of fear.  Fear based on situations we cannot control or are trying to control.  Basically we have created bad habits to responding to situations based on what we are thinking in that moment relative to past experiences, not something that has actually happened YET (or again).  The constant back and forth between our thoughts and responses, doubting ourselves, fearing the worst - creates instability and confusion within ourselves and keeps us from focusing on everyday tasks.  When we use Anxiety as an AWARENESS rather than an ACTION, we create the ability to have more appropriate (less impulsive) responses to situations - ultimately improving how we function in everyday life.


Depression is a heightened sense of grief.  Grief comes in many forms.  Loss of relationships, loss of loved ones, loss of opportunities (i.e., career, education), and feelings of loss of self (i.e., hopelessness).  Like Anxiety, Depression can create responses to situations that create confusion within ourselves, irritability, and lack of motivation.  Processing through areas of our life that we have never had a chance to "heal" is important.